Here are the Top 10 Highly-rated International Restaurants in Zambia 2017

There are a lot of International Restaurants in Zambia as it is one of the fastest developing cities in Southern Africa both economically and culturally. Because of its complex history and central location, Zambia has emerged as a melting pot of traditional and modern African culture. In response, Zambia’s culinary scene is rapidly expanding – from small creative cafes to large fine-dining restaurants, here are the top 10 highly-rated international restaurants in Zambia in 2017.

10. Musuku Restaurant

Lusaka’s Musuku Restaurant offers a menu which features not just traditional favourites of an international standard, but local signature dishes that are presented with distinctive style and flair.

Scenic views across the crocodile pond and courtyard ensure an unforgettable and uniquely African experience. Guests are invited to enjoy a delicious breakfast, leisurely lunch, or hearty dinner at Musuku. Excellent service, and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere contribute toward the enjoyment of meals, and for guests who wish to, an in-room dining option is available.


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