Top 10 Hottest Actresses in Zambia 2017

9. Kanji

prettiest actresses in zambia

Kanji in her feed days was a shaking sensation in actuality, despite everything she is. In the blooming a very long time of her vocation, she did very accomplish the unachievable. Hits like Mr. Enormous star are as yet affable even today.


8. Shatel

The gathering Shatel began singing in 1996 with Saboi, Thandi and Barbra. Like they say, three is a group so the gathering later was left for Saboi and Barbra to proceed as a two part harmony. The gathering was called Shatel from the word transport to mean anything is possible. They performed at many shows and won numerous rivalries, the fundamental one being the then yearly Women in Music where they were spotted by many would-be promoters.

prettiest actresses

The principal single from Shatel, Niswalele, showed up on the Rhythm Nation Project and went ahead to secure the women their first record mark with Mondo Music, which was by then the nation’s greatest and best music name.

Subsquently, their first collection “Chikondi” was recorded under Mondo Music in 2001 and the collection got Shatel and Zambia the primary Kora designation in South Africa, appears in Japan and influenced them to set out widely to locally. The collection had hits like “Gentelemani”, “Chilumendo” and “Naitopela”. The second collection was called “Unbreakable” and was discharged in 2002 with tunes like Chikondi Chamumudima, Wainona and Sichaba Sahesu.

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