Top 10 Lowest Paying Jobs in Canada

Do you know the lowest paying jobs in Canada? Jobs in Canada is known to be paying higher as compared to many other developed countries in the world. However, there are some jobs which does not seem to be paying good. Top Most 10 has compiled the list of top 10 lowest paying jobs in Canada and their respective annual salaries.

Here are the lowest paying jobs in Canada

10. Sewing machine operator – $22,514 – $41,546

Sewing machine operators use sewing machines to sew or decorate clothing and other products. They keep machines stocked with thread, position material under needles, and guide their stitching to sew parts together. When a product is finished, these operators measure each item to ensure accuracy.


9. Cook, fast food – $20,994 – $26,026

A Fast Food Cook completes food preparation duties according to sanitation and hygiene standards in order to quickly and accurately fill customer requests. This involves operating all kitchen equipment, cooking restaurant menu items according to recipe and presenting or packaging food items.


8. Cashier – $21,183 – $29,156

Cashiers are in charge of processing and receiving payments in retail-based establishments. Some duties of cashier jobs include: Working the cash register (processing payments, issuing receipts) Greeting customers and helping them with any questions they may have.


7. Dishwasher – $21,286 – $28,540

When working as a dishwasher, you’ll be expected to: Thoroughly wash plates, cups, silverware, cooking utensils, pots and pans and more. Utilize cleaning machinery like sprayers to ensure dishes are properly cleaned. Dry cleaned utensils, plates, glassware and more and place them in designated areas.


6. Bartender -$20,091 – $42,837

The Bartender will be responsible for serving patrons at our front bar and fulfilling drink orders for the dining room, monitoring the cash drawer at the bar and performing alcohol inventories at the end of each night to help in maintaining proper inventory levels.


5. Restaurant host/hostess – $21,113 – $29,120

A host or hostess is responsible for greeting customers at a restaurant with a smile, welcoming them into the establishment, seating them, and providing them with a menu. They are the organizer, the herder, and the first and last impression of the restaurant.


4, Service station attendant – $21,052 – $32,357

Service Station Attendants sell fuel, lubricants and other automotive accessories, and perform minor maintenance on motor vehicles at service stations. Also known as: Driveway Attendant. You can work as a Service Station Attendant without formal qualifications. Some on the job training may be provided.


3. Food and beverage server – $22,360 – $30,369

Food and Beverage Servers are customer service professionals that work for restaurants, cocktail bars and other establishments. In addition to serving food and drinks, Food and beverage Servers perform tasks, such as setting up tables, removing used dishes and preparing simple dishes.


2. Food counter attendant / kitchen help – $21,184 – $32,888

Food counter attendants and or Kitchen helps are responsible for helping Chief chefs in the kitchen. They sometimes serve foods to customers at the counter.


1. Babysitters, nannies, and parent’s helpers – $20,880 – $37,354

This job is most likely done by immigrants. It is considered as the lowest paying jobs in Canada right now.