Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Asia 2018

9. Quezon City, Philippines

most dangerous cities

It is one of the highly populated cities of the Philippines, which is part of the Metropolitan Manila. It has a high crime rate in Asia. Common crimes include killing of menaged between 25 and 50, slum dwellers and jobless people and people who have personal disputes arising from the city karaoke bars. The most dangerous times when these crimes occur are between sunset and midnight. Other crimes committed include rapes, theft,robberies, homicides, and snatching.

8. Manilla, Philippines

most dangerous cities

Though it is one of the hotspot for tourism, it is high in crime rate, which are normally targeted at tourists. They are committed by local gangs or even individual hoodlums who carry out assaults and violent robberies. There is also an improper mismanagement of firearms ownership in this city which leads to increase cases in crimes. Other crimes committed here include the kidnapping of foreigners, violent crimes triggered by excessive alcohol consumption, and street fights.

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