Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names In The World: Insurance, Rentals & Private Jets

What’s in a name… domain names, to be exact? People like us who use the internet on a daily basis might think it’s just a matter of typing our favorite website in the browser’s address bar. Truth is: some of the more prominent, familiar-sounding URLs  we know in the market today are cloaked in gold. An eight-letter word can be valued at millions of dollars depending on the need and demand of interested buyers. Consider as lucky those brilliant fellas who were the first to snap up the names before anyone did during the much-vaunted dot com boom.

domain names

The rule of thumb for domains is simple: the shorter and easier to remember the names, the better (and more valuable!). Below, we list down the top 10 most expensive domain names recorded in history.

10. Fb.com – $8.5 million (2010)

Fb.com was owned by the American Farm Bureau Federation until it was acquired by the social networking giant at a handsome price of $8.5 million in 2010. The reason is obvious. Today, fb.com redirects to facebook.com

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