Top 10 Biggest Hotels in the World 2018: and their number of rooms

This is article gives Biggest Hotels in the World 2018 based on the number of rooms. What makes a hotel grand? Is it the number of stars? Location? The kind of popularity it gets because it is frequented by celebrities, wealthy people, and common individuals alike? Is it the exclusivity and certain degree of privacy? Well, it could be a combination of these things and then some.

But for this list, let us look into the hotel’s number of rooms. After all, many judge a hotel’s success on its capacity to house large contingent of guests without compromising their comfort or the quality of their services. Here are the 10 largest hotels in the world based on the number of guest rooms.

10. The Excalibur, Las Vegas – 3,981 Rooms

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The Excalibur is one of the grandest hotels in Las Vegas and is considered one of the best in the city. This is already an amazing feat considering that the medieval-themed hotel is just into its 6th year of operation, as it opened in 2008. That said, many hotel reviewers say that the Excalibur may have not yet reached its full potential and certain improvements can definitely increase the hotel’s stock.

The 28-storey hotel boasts 3,981 rooms in two towers. The hotel has also several theaters, stores, and restaurants to keep their guests entertained. And since it is Las Vegas, it’s not grand if there is no casino in it.

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