Top 10 Richest Latino Singers and their net worth in 2018

The Latino singers, for whom the world is going crazy, are ruling over the hearts of many with their unbeatable talents. Their popularity is on the peak of the world. But, popularity is not the only thing which their talent fetches to them. Their talent brings them a lot of wealth. This is a list of some of the wealthy chicks among the Latino singers in 2018, who are enjoying much love, fame and money, due to their burning talents.


10. Ninel Conde

Richest Latino Singers

Ninel Herrera Conde is a popular female singer from Mexico. The 47 years old singer is delivering hits since 20 years. Her career is embedded with performances in the genre like Grupera, Latin pop and Cumbia. With first record production called Ninel Conde which contained the song, “Callados”, she never looked back in her career. The best of her performance is recorded is in Rebelde. Apart from being a singer, she is also a television host and actress. Her wealth is of net worth of 8 dollar millions. With this, she is one of the richest Latin singer of the world.

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