Breaking News: Top 10 Richest People from Palau and How they Made their wealth in November, 2018

3. Johnson Toribiong

Johnson Toribiong is a Palauan attorney and politician. Toribiong became the President of Palau, following his victory in the November 2008 election. The electorate rejected him in the November 2012 election.


Toribiong was a candidate for President of Palau during the November 2008 presidential election. His running mate for Vice President was Kerai Mariur, a Delegate in the Palau National Congress. Toribiong was opposed by Elias Camsek Chin, the outgoing Palauan Vice President.

Toribiong led the early, unofficial vote tally with 1,629 votes to Chin’s 1,499. The lead ultimately held and Toribiong defeated Chin in the election.

Toribiong was sworn into office as President of Palau on January 15, 2009.


2. Kuniwo Nakamura


Kuniwo Nakamura was the President of Palau from 1993 until 2001. He had earlier served as Vice President of Palau from 1989 to 1993, under Ngiratkel Etpison.

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