Top 10 Sri Lanka Highest Paying Jobs in 2018 aside politics

This article seeks to give the top 10 Sri Lanka highest paying jobs. With new-found stability, a growing economy, and one of the best-performing stock markets in the world, Sri Lanka is a great place to live and work. In recent years, vacancies in some of the country’s thriving industries have attracted applicants from all over the world. But who is making the highest salary? Here are the top 10 jobs in Sri Lanka that will help you earn the most money to secure your future.

10. Zone Manager

Zone manager is a sophisticated sales job concerned with monitoring customer needs and preferences in a specific region. They are usually in charge of several sales managers in a specific area, and they keep track of how well a company’s sales tactics are actually working. A zone manager’s duties can be extensive, and they work with customers, clients, and staff. Their salary comes to 1.6 million LKR.


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