Top 10 Youngest Millionaires In Kenya to Watch out in 2019

The youths today in Kenya have also fought for themselves by creating jobs and other businesses for other people.

With thorough research, our team analyzed a few successful young men in Kenya who have managed to become their own bosses by creating their own businesses.

Most of these youths have advanced in their studies and decided to take self employment direction.

These names may sound new to you but they are the names to watch out.

Kenya’s Youngest Millionaires to watch out in 2019

10. Ruth Mwanzia

Ruth Mawia Mwanzia is an entrepreneur and communications officer. Ms Mawia, 28, is the managing director and owner of Koola Waters, a water bottling company based in Nairobi. She also works as Corporate Communications Officer at Water Management Authority and studies for her Master’s at Nazarene University.

9. Nancy Amunga

Nancy Amunga, 28, is the founder and director of Dana Communications Limited. A communications and transport company, which majors mainly on courier services.

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