Top 6 Multi-Millionaires from Antigua and Barbuda and their net worth

4. Rodney Williams

Rodney is the son of Ernest Emmanuel Williams, the former Antigua Labour Party (ALP) parliamentary representative for the St Paul constituency.

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He is a medical doctor by profession. He entered politics in 1984 as the Member of Parliament for St Paul constituency, that had been previously represented by his father. Between 1992 and 2004, he served in the cabinet as a minister, holding variously or jointly the portfolios of education, culture, technology, economic development, tourism, and environment.
He represented St Paul up to 2004 when he lost his seat in the 2004 general election, when his party, the Antigua Labour Party lost the general elections to the United Progressive Party.


3. Harold Lovell

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Harold Earl Edmund Lovell (born September 27, 1955) is a political nominee for the Auntiguan general elections, 2018.

He was the minister of Minister of Finance, the Economy and Public Administration (Antigua and Barbuda).

He was also the minister of tourism and civil aviation.[3] He was the minister of foreign affairs and trade from March 2004 to January 2005, when Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer took over those posts in a cabinet reshuffle, giving Lovell his current posts.

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