What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

Find out what are the cheapest SUV to insure in Ontario, Canada. If you have decided that an SUV is going to be the vehicle of choice then no doubt you are going to want to know about the costs for insurance for this vehicle. It may not be the deciding factor as to which SUV you choose, but it should be part of the decision making.

What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

The following is a list that is considered to be the cheapest SUVs to insure in Ontario. But, this list is just the starting point when it comes to insurance.

Metrics for Determining Vehicle Insurance Premiums

It helps to know how insurance companies arrive at the prices they decide to charge you on your premiums.  The make and model of the vehicle is one of many metrics that most insurance companies will use.

  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • The personal driving information of the insurance applicant
  • The neighbourhood in which the car will be stored when not in use

Here are the top 10 Cheapest SUV to Insure in Ontario, Canada

10. Toyota RAV4

What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

The Toyota RAV4 has become a leader in all of the features that are considered important in a vehicle. It more than meets acceptable standards when it comes to safety. There are no flaws when it comes to performance. This is because of its all-wheel driver feature in combination with the Dynamic Torque control. There is also a hybrid option which many are showing a keen interest in. For them, they like the fact that they can go hybrid without losing out on the RAV4 features that they find so exciting.


9. Honda CR-V


What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

There may be a few minor things about this vehicle that doesn’t take the lead when it comes to the latest vehicle technology. But, there are so many that do that those that are missing are insignificant. This vehicle is rated as one of the big sellers in Canada for a variety of different reasons. While still keeping it sleek appearance it now has a ruggedness to it that depicts just how tough and reliable this vehicle is. There has been no compromise on space or its ability to provide a smooth and pleasant ride on a continuous basis.


8. Chevrolet Equinox

What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

This is a vehicle that often becomes one that is driven by several family members including the teen drivers. Parents appreciate the comfort that the Teen Driver Technology brings them. It allows the young one the freedom of being able to drive the family car. At the same time allows the parents to set some driving perimeters that help to teach the young driver proper and safe habits.


7. Nissan Rogue

What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

For those who already favour this vehicle one thing they will often mention what they find important is its safety feature ratings. Which covers all those important safety aspects that come with driving in today’s environment. Then for those who enjoy a vehicle that offers the advantages of the latest technology the Nissan Rogue does not disappoint. Owners enjoy the door-to-door navigation feature. Driver and passengers are also impressed with the Nissan Connect system.


6. Jeep Cherokee

What Are Cheapest SUV To Insure in Ontario, Canada

The Jeep Cherokee is often thought about for its off-road capabilities. Now included in thoughts about this jeep is its impressive features that boast of the latest and best technology. When it comes to wanting an SUV that boasts of luxury, this fits right into that category. At one time nobody would ever have thought that jeep and luxury could be said in the same sentence. Choice and versatility is something else that comes with the Jeep Cherokee.


5. Mazda CX-5

For those who are impressed with the Japanese manufacturer of vehicles they often don’t look beyond this particular make and model. It is classed as the next generation with plenty of good reasons. Not only is it built for looks and comfort but goes beyond the standards of performance and economy. The various models are all considered to be in the top list of excellent cars. One that many are favouring is the Grand touring which has a set of features of its own that draw a great deal of attention.


4. Ford Escape

There have been no compromises made when it comes to technology or appearance in the Ford Escape. It has always been a favourite but after it’s overhaul it has become even better. For those who are looking for a compact SUV that is going to possess all of the “must have” features this is the vehicle of choice. Not only for those responsible for driving it but for passengers as well. This is a vehicle that also possesses all of the power that needs to be relied on and has a great feature like MyKey for parental controls. This is truly what can be considered to be a great choice when it comes to a family vehicle.


3. Jeep Wrangler

Most when they hear the name Jeep Wrangler the first thing that comes to mind is its ruggedness. But it is also a vehicle that can be relied on for its safety features. Along with its built it comfort and performance. Canadian driving weather can be unpredictable, but when one is driving the Jeep Wrangler, the concerns are far less. What many like about the latest models of this vehicle is the way in which it has become modernized in its design and looks.


2. Dodge Journey

The two big factors that stand out for the Dodge Journey is its reasonable pricing along with it being versatile. Choices like being able to choose between five or seven-passenger seats is a big plus. When it comes to performance the 173hp it delivers is a big pleaser. When it comes to safety features interested buyers like what they discover about the Dodge Journey. Some of which are standard and several that can be bought as additional. This way the car can be customized for safety based on the needs of the family.


1. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

This vehicle receives a good overall score for the majority of the features that are considered important. Some of the features that stand out are its slide seating capability. The standard features are impressive ones that don’t cost extra. In some of the ratings for the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2018 edition, it is receiving a 7.3 out of 10 rating. This is a vehicle where the emphasis has been put on safety and comfort, and speed is not the priority. It is not lacking in performance and is expected to be one of durability and reliance.


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