The WICKED Side Of Kwame Nkrumah That You Probably Did not Know


Nkrumah Gave About 10 Million Pounds of Ghana’s Money to Guinea When Ghana Needed It.
A recently Independent Ghana required cash to erect foundation and characterize its monetary future. The British left Ghana with a decent measure of money yet separated from claims of Nkrumah himself being degenerate similarly as his Ministers , he took around 10 million pounds of Ghana’ s cash and gave it out to Guinea when the nation opposed France and lost its monetary support .
Numerous history specialists and political researchers concur this was a neglectful choice by Nkrumah.
£10 million pounds at that point would be about £ 500 million today, and if Nana Akuffo Addo took this and gave it out to any nation, everybody would call his choice unseemly. Such was Nkrumah’s nice thought.


Kwame Nkrumah Was Accused of Sponsoring A Failed Assassination On the President of Niger in 1965.
Nkrumah was energetically pushing for African Unity and the landmass’ acknowledgment of his communist/socialist thoughts. Any individual who was against this was reasonably an adversary.
In April 1965, there was a death endeavor on the leader of Niger and Nkrumah was fingered as the key support. Despite the fact that Nkrumah denied this, the then leader of Ivory Coast – Felix Houphouet – Boigny tested Nkrumah ‘ s refusal and discharged confirmation of guerrilla preparing camps in Ghana staffed by Chinese Communist educators , demonstrating that Nkrumah played a part in the death endeavor .
At the Organization of African Unity meeting in June 1965, Niger’s delegates additionally discharged proof indicating seven guerrilla preparing camps working in Ghana with Chinese and East German teachers when Nkrumah through his agents endeavored to disregard feedback.

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