10 Luxurious Celebrity Homes with Outrageous Features: From Will Smith To Mark Zuckerberg

 A very big house will no longer suffice for celebrity homes with wads of dollars to burn. There’s just got to be something else, something big other than the mansion itself to make a celebrity house stand out among the usual mansions.

Sometimes, that something can be as unusual as a moat (just get a security alarm system); but in many cases, it’s a personal hobby or fancy that the celebrity must have been toying with in childhood. Only this time, that toy is real.

Here are ten celebrity houses with outlandish amenities that can make you wonder at times if we’re all truly born equal.

1. Will Smith’s own zip code

celebrity homes

Will Smith’s house in Calabasas, CA is big enough to accommodate basketball courts and golf courses. But what makes this $20-million home unique is that it enjoys its own ZIP code, giving him the moniker, “Fresh Prince” of Calabasas.

2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s moat

celebrity homes

The supermodel and Super Bowl star seem to think that a moat is a good home security buffer in the twenty-first century. In reality, the moat is an added chutzpah to their $20-million house, nay, castle, in Los Angeles, CA.  They can’t be faulted when the couple can easily pass for royals in status, looks, and riches

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