10 Luxurious Celebrity Homes with Outrageous Features: From Will Smith To Mark Zuckerberg

3. John Travolta’s jet runway (and jet)

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Some celebrities have an entire parking lot to leave their fleet of automobiles; but not the Grease star; he h as a runway built for his private jet. The house in Ocala, FL is not that much (just over $4 million) compared to megastar houses. But the runway is a giveaway this is a house of the rich and famous. Travolta is a licensed pilot and owns a fleet of planes including a Boeing 707.

4. Jerry Seinfeld’s baseball field

The standup comedian has been a baseball fan since he was a kid. Now that he’s a grownup, he thought it’s nice to own not just a baseball bat, glove, or cap, but the entire diamond. The funnyman bought the $32-million home in Hamptons, NY from Billy Joel in 2000.

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