10 Mind Blowing Facts about Black Magic

9. Black Magic is the worst form 

the entire process is way too creepy and scary. In some places, these tantrics would kill animals and use their lifeless bodies and the organs in a variety of spells and rituals. It even got worse when people started sacrificing other people and children for their own betterment. These tantrics make people believe that with the sacrifice; gods will become happy and will shower their blessings. Fortunately, at the present time, you can face serious legal problems if such a practice is followed.

8. Unintentional Harm

The effects of black magic are real. It has affected many lives over a great period of time.People send out harmful energies towards other people who they consider as opponent. These energies have an external effect on the human body and but the impact is internal. Even at times, the desired result could be objectionable. The only thing is that black magic is not something that can be messed with.

7. The process is quite hooking

It is said that too much of everything is bad and black magic gives you a large amount of authority that it makes you take wrong decisions. People who have adopted black magic have literally become slaves to it as they get the feeling of being a powerful individual. The result is never good as these people become very dangerous over a period of time. They force themselves into this magical realm.

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