2022 Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Auckland, New Zealand

6. Diocesan School for Girls

Diocesan School for Girls is another single-gender school on the list. The school is an Anglican private school for only girls. Diocesan School for Girls also offers boarding facilities to support students who want to stay. It also accepts international students.

The school offers International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme as an alternative to the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). It is consistently a top-achieving school nationally. The school is Anglican-based and was established in 1903. It caters to international students and has accommodation for 50 boarders at Innes House.

In 2006, it ranked as the 96th largest IT organisation in New Zealand, with a staff of eight supporting 300 PCs and 1,170 notebooks. In 2012 the school officially opened a new water-based sports turf and underground car park.

Address: Clyde Street, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand


5. Macleans College

Macleans College is a co-educational state secondary school. It is also one of the best state colleges in New Zealand currently. This school is not the ordinary state school you know that is why it is one of the very best.

The school is known for its success rates in the Cambridge International Examinations. While most schools focus all their efforts on book knowledge, this school utilizes all forms of teaching methods to groom and train students to become better versions of themselves.

Macleans College is a co-educational state secondary school located in Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. The school is named after the Scottish MacLean family who lived and farmed the land of the school and surrounding reserves, and the school emblem contains the castle from their family crest along with six waves which symbolise the seaside location of the school. Metro placed Macleans College as the number one Auckland high school in 2010 among those in the Cambridge International Examinations system. In 2014, Macleans College ranked 2nd nationally in the Cambridge International Examinations.

97.6 percent of students leaving Macleans College held at least NCEA Level 1 or IGCSE, 95.5 percent held at least NCEA Level 2 or AS, and 86.2 percent held at least University Entrance standard. This is compared to 85.2%, 74.2%, and 49.0% respectively for all students nationally.

Address: Macleans Road, Bucklands Beach, Auckland, 2012, New Zealand

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