2022 Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago is home to the some of the most beautiful women on the planet today. Their impeccable beauty makes them irresistible. They have pretty faces, mind blowing figures and above all, they are extremely talented.

After being asked by family, friends and strangers why I’ve got two “men” lists and no “women” lists, I enlisted the help of two Trini deejays to turn this canvas into a work of beauty. Can I get a woop-woop? Trini-girl power! These Trinidad & Tobago women are hot, bold and has unique types of beauty.

Here are the 2022 Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Trinidad and Tobago

10. Alyssah Ali


Ali, nicknamed Pocahontas, is a much sought-after high-fashion model who’s become a constant in the runway shows of Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson and Catherine Malandrino. With such exotic beauty, she couldn’t be anything but Trini.


9. Lee-Ann Forbes

Former Miss Trinidad and Tobago and current Passion spokesmodel, Forbes is a triple threat, who, in addition to being exceedingly beautiful, also possesses wide intellect and infinite talent.


8. Rachelle Hay

What can we say about this model-turned-blogger? Not much more than, “on-top of her exceptional beauty, this Trini Aimee Song, also has the fiercest style.” Song has nothing on her!

7. Carly Coutts

Model-turned-actress, Coutts’ performance in After Mas’ has catapulted her to the top of casting shortlists throughout the Caribbean. And why not? She’s like a Trini Emma Watson, in beauty, talent and demeanour.

6. Brianna Shim

With perfect symmetry, classic appeal and undeniable charisma, Shim is so near perfect but so girl-next-dooryou can’t help but be infatuated with her. The alluringly-beautiful, real-life, Trini E lle Woods, is proof that we can have it all. Yep, she’s a lawyer too!

5. Jehanne-Marie Milne

Jehanne-Marie Milne is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, who has an unshakable belief that we are ALL worthy and capable of defining and creating a life worth living, on our terms.

Model-cum-photographer, Milne is like a Trini cross between Natalie Portman and Samaire Armstrong, which we totally dig! She’s also part of the Milne clan, which boasts the oh-so-gorgeous filmmaker Oliver Milne.

4. Fay-Ann Lyons

No explanation necessary for the Queen of Soca. Seriously, wow!

3. Amy Stollmeyer

Like bestie Shim, Stollmeyer’s a sometimes-model with hypnotic beauty and buckets of charm. Perfect, since this Princess Elsa is the first Trini Creative Director at Fashion Week staple Moroccan Oil.

2. Jessica Mount

Majestically beautiful, though rarely photographed, Mount is one of Trinidad’s quietly-famous hairstylists. A Goddess among us, she exudes an understated sophistication that’s impossible to replicate by any mere mortal.

1. Sarah Jane Waddell

Hands-down the most beautiful woman to ever represent us on a ‘World’ stage (apart, of course, from Miss World 1986 Giselle Laronde), Waddell is more than just a pretty face.

Despite her recent indiscretion, some say she’s a modern-day Trini Katherine Hepburn.