2022 Top 10 Richest People in Albania

4. Vjollca Hoxha Net Worth – $400 million

Vjollca Hoxha is the President of “Top Media” media group which includes the famous Top Channel national TV and Digitalb cable platform, created by his late husband Dritan Hoxha who died in a tragic car accident in Tirana several years ago. The wife of the late Dritan Hoxha, founder of Top Channel, Top Media and Digitalb. Vjollca Hoxha holds 8% of shares at the national TV network Top Channel. She holds 10% of shares at Digitalb and 6% of shares at mobile phone operator Plus; 20% of shares at Valtellina, Lori Caffe and one fifth of Video Graphic Agency (VGA), which produces and publishes adverts.
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