2022 Top 10 Richest Women in Guam

2022 top 10 Richest Women from Guam. Have you ever wondered who the richest people in Guam are? Top Most 10 has taken it upon herself to dive deep into the pockets and finances of the business women and politicians in Guam. This article countdown the richest women from Guam and their estimated assets. This list are based on financial assets declared with the Guam Election Commission.

Here are the 2022 top 10 Richest Women in Guam

10. Madeleine Mary Zeien Bordallo

2022 top 10 Richest Women in Guam

  • Madeleine Mary Zeien Bordallo is a Guamanian politician, who served as the Delegate from the United States territory of Guam to the United States House of Representatives.
  • She is the first woman ever to serve as Guam’s Delegate, the first female Lieutenant Governor of Guam (from 1995 to 2003), the first female candidate for Governor of Guam (in 1990), and the first female Democrat elected to the Legislature of Guam.
  • Her 1990 campaign also made her the first non-Chamorro gubernatorial candidate in Guam. As the wife of Ricardo Bordallo, she was also the First Lady of Guam from 1975 to 1979 and from 1983 to 1987.

9. Barrigada Mayor June U. Blas

  • Barrigada Mayor June U. Blas has an estimated $1.297 million in assets and $541,000-plus in liabilities.

8. Kelly Marsh Taitano

2022 top 10 Richest Women in Guam

  • Kelly Marsh Taitano also known as Kelly Marsh, is Guamanian politician who has the member of Democratic senator in the 35th Guam Legislature
  • .She is a member of the majority party, Taitano was selected as Assistant Majority Leader by her colleagues and chairs the Committee on Heritage and the Arts, Parks, Guam Products, Hagatna Revitalization, Self-Determination, and Regional Affairs.
  • She has a total asset of $1.119 million and $19,431 in liabilities


7. Anita Sukola

  • Anita Sukola is a Judge at the Superior Court of Guam. She is a board member and was the Legal Counsellor at the Port Authority of Guam. She was the director of Guam Department of Education.
  • Judge Anita Sukola has an estimated total of $1.235 million.


6. Pilar Laguana

  • Pilar Laguana is the Guam Visitors Bureau president
  • She has an estimated asset worth $1.643 million and $390,000 in liabilities.


5. Ina Marie Carillo

  • Ina Marie Carillo is the general manager of Guam Public Broadcasting System
  • She has an estimated asset worth of $1.675 million and $177,200 in liabilities.

4. Sen. Telo Taitague

  • Sen. Telo Taitague is a Guamanian musician, businesswoman and politician
  • Taitague serves as a Republican senator in the Guam Legislature
  • Sen. Telo Taitague has an estimated asset worth of $1.594 million and no liabilities.


3. Linda DeNorcey

  • Linda DeNorcey is the Director of Department of Public Health and Social Services.
  • She has an estimated asset and real estate worth of $2.205 million and $109,173 in liabilities.


2. Mary A. Young Okada

2022 Top 10 Richest Women in Guam

  • Mary A. Young Okada is the first woman president and chief executive officer of Guam Community College.
  • After holding previous positions at the college as vice-president of financial affairs, controller and general accounting supervisor
  • Okada was instrumental in having the college receive, for twelve consecutive years, a qualified status with a low-risk audit with no unresolved prior-year audit findings or questionable costs
  • She has an estimated asset and real estate worth of $3.831 million and $1.301 million in liabilities.


1.Lourdes Aflague “Lou” Leon Guerrero

2022 Top 10 Richest Women in Guam

  • Lourdes Aflague “Lou” Leon Guerrero is an Guamanian politician serving as the ninth Governor of Guam, since 2019
  • Leon Guerrero previously worked as a nurse and served as a senator in the Legislature of Guam from 1995 to 2005
  • She is the first Pacific Islander woman to serve as a state or territorial governor in the United States
  • Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has $4.927 million in assets including real estate investments and stock investments such as $932,649 worth of common shares in BankGuam Holding Co. Stock and $304,021 in Bank of Guam stock. She also has $580,969 in liabilities.