2023 Top 8 Richest People In South Sudan

2023 Top 8 Richest People In South Sudan — have you ever wondered who are the 2023 richest people in South Sudan? Top Most 10 outlines the 2023 top 8 richest people in South Sudan and their net worth.

South Sudan is a very wealthy country but the wealth and resources are being controlled by very few elites in the country. The country is currently facing hunger and the world is trying its best to avert the situation. We have billionaires in the country and they seem to be busy enjoying their wealth ignoring the suffering of the citizen.

Here are ten low-key, ultra-wealthy richest men in South Sudan, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Each of them is worth millions of dollars. There are no politicians or criminals here — just good and maybe corrupt, successful businessmen.

Here are the 2023 Top 8 Richest People in South Sudan and their Net Worth

8. Kur Ajing

Kur Ajing is the biggest cars dealer in the country. He suppliers SUVs to government institutions, and NGOs in the country. He is rumored to be a contracted supplier of food and uniform to army headquarters, Bilpham.

7. Ayii Duang Ayii

Ayii falls under number six because being an investor in hospitality sector which has been greatly affected by the current economic and political crisis in the country. He owns South Sudan Hotels which are found in major towns all over the country.

He also has over five hospitals in five states in the country.

6. Benjamin Bol Mel

Due to the current conflict in the country, Bol Mel wealth has greatly diminished because his main sources of wealth was the construction company, ABMC and since war broke out in 2013, he has greatly made a big lost.

According to media reports, he collectively owns Construction Company with President Kiir. He also has a stone crushing site at Jebel Kunjur not far from ABMC headquarters.

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