2023 Top 8 Richest People In South Sudan

5. Makiir Gai

Business Tycoon and a close associate to Salva Kiir, Makiir Gai is undisputedly a wealthy businessman in Juba. He owns majority shares in Alpha Bank.

He recently donated over half a million dollars to South Sudan Football Association and according to sources close to him he supplies and does procurement for the army.

He also owns major buildings in Juba.

4. Mr. Obac

Being the biggest shareholder behind South Subprime Airline, he falls to number five. According to sources in Juba Obac also supplies SPLA with uniform, boots, and stationeries.

3. Bona Bol Bol Arech

The founder and the CEO of Arech Group of Company which deals with wide range of businesses in Juba and entire South Sudan in general.His company has been contacted by Nilepet to import fuel into the country from East African countries.

Bol is the founder and CEO of Afriland Bank in Juba.

He has also invested in real estate business, with apartments in Juba and Uganda along Entebbe road.

2. Amin Akasha

Entrepreneur and businessman Amina Kasha supplies South Sudan entire market with goods annual worth millions of dollars.He owns South Sudan Palace Hotel and New Sudan Hotel in Juba. It’s alleged that he supplies the entire Konyo Konyo Market with food items.

1. Mr. Lukak

If you have ever been to Juba, South Sudan then, over 60% of the buildings in Juba belong to Mr. Lokuk who has invested a lot in real estate and construction business.

According to sources in Juba, he has assets worth over $350 million all over South Sudan.

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