ALL NEW: Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Puerto Rico 2018

Black hair, flawless skin, and ever smiling face, Puerto Rican women are some of the best looking girls in the United States. Puerto Rico is a small carnelian island country with a beautiful sea and amazing rainforest. The nation has mesmerizing landscape, rich heritage, and historical monuments. Well, this article not about the beautiful island but it is about Puerto Rican Girls. We want to introduce ten beautiful faces of Puerto Rico to you.

Top 10 Beautiful Puerto Rican women

10) Raquel Castro

Known for her role in Movie “Jersey Girl”, Raquel Castro is cutest Puerto Rican Girls on our list. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and winner of Young artist award. If you don’t get enough of her, then follow her Instagram. Raquel Castro is gorgeous puerto rican girls

09) Victoria Justice

Her long dark hair, spicy lips, and piercing eyes, Victoria Justice is Eye candy for anyone. You may not find her single picture without the beautiful smile.

puerto rican women Victoria Justice

08) Mariana Paola Vicente

From beauty pageant winner to modeling and then acting she is a hottest Puerto Rican woman on our list.

Mariana Paola Vicente

07) Viviana Ortiz

Former Beauty pageant titleholder and face of the most prominent brand, Viviana Ortiz is the face of gorgeous Puerto Rican females. Her sharp jawlines and beautiful hair locks are enough to make you crazy.

Viviana Ortiz Pastrana

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