Top 10 Richest P0lit!c1ans from Bahamas & their Net worth in November, 2018

This article discloses the net worth Bahamas P0lit!c1ans and their Net worth as at November, 2018. Under the Public disclosures Act, all Senators and Members of House must declare their income before 1st much of each year.

However, Topmost10 has been able to gather these facts for public eyes. Methods of gathering these information and Sources of our information can not be disclosed for some reasons.

Here are the Richest P0Litic!ans in Bahamas

10. Branville McCartney

Net worth: $6.5 million

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William Arthur Branville McCartney or Branville McCartney is a Bahamian politician and Barrister of the Inner Temple. Mr McCartney is one of the founders of and the leader of the Democratic National Alliance. He previously served in the Cabinet of the third Ingraham administration, but resigned before the 2012 general elections were called.

McCartney is a graduate of Kingsway Academy’s class of 1985 and of Holborn College’s class of 1989. He holds and LLB Honours Degree and was subsequently admitted to the Bar of England and Wales as well as the Bar of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas in 1990.

In 2000 McCartney started his own law firm, Halsbury Law which hosts an annual free legal clinic, the only one in the country opened to the general public.

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He was appointed to the Senate in 2016 and was very briefly Leader of the Opposition there in 2017.


9. Hubert Chipman

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Net Worth: $6.85 million


8. Gary Sawyer

Net Worth: $7.8 million

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Gary Martin Sawyer served as a member of the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) from 2002-2007. Mr. Sawyer is a supporter of many charitable organizations and remains actively engaged in many community activities and is considered a strong advocate for bringing about positive change for the enhancement of a better Bahamas and in particular, South Abaco.

Mr. Sawyer has started numerous businesses that are still in operation throughout Abaco and other islands of The Bahamas. These businesses have provided employment for many Bahamians. Mr. Sawyer believes in the empowerment of Bahamians and has demonstrated this through his business practices.

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