Aside Politics, these are the top 10 Singapore highest Paid Jobs in 2018

04. IT Security Consultant

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 7,000 – SGD 10,000 (USD 5,067 – USD 7,238)

Expected Tasks if You are Hired: Are you enticed with the cyber war against hackers? Data security is becoming more valuable than ever. Most companies rely on online systems, emails, and transactions. There are even businesses which process their clients’ requests and inquiries through their websites.

As this trend grows the demand for IT Security Consultants or Specialists increases. As an IT Security Consultant, you have to focus on understanding the risks to your company’s data. You need to analyze possible security breaches and strengthen the system to avoid it from happening.

03. Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Specialist or Manager

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 4,000 – SGD 12,000 (USD 2,895 – USD 8,685)

Expected Tasks if You are Hired: Being a Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, you are expected to have vast knowledge on scientific, legal, and business issues. This is to ensure that any product developed, manufactured, or distributed by your company do not go beyond the bounds of the law.

People with this job usually have strong knowledge base and skill set in science, writing, and reading comprehension. They also have an in-depth understanding of the legal matters concerning the company. They are usually in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

02. FinTech Developer

Salary Range per Month: SGD 7,500 – SGD 12,000 (USD 5,428 – USD 8,685)

Expected Tasks if You are Hired: You will need to design and develop financial application tools that will help individuals manage their finances in a breeze. As a financial tech developer, you have to foresee ways to make digital financial transactions easy and (of course) secured.

01. Finance Controller

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 8,000 – SGD 15,000 (USD 5,790 – USD 10,857)

Expected Tasks if You are Hired: As the Finance Controller, you will be responsible for banking and finance activities, insurance recommendations and related purchases, proper reporting and payment to all taxing authorities, and corporate documentation. Simply, you need to ensure that proper accounting is done and your company is profitable.

These jobs have promising salary rates, although the tight competition will make them difficult to get. If you want to go to Singapore and get a job with higher chance to get hired, you better check the list of in-demand jobs. These jobs always have a lot of vacancies.

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