Barbados Richest: Top 7 Multi-Millionaires from Barbados & their Net Worth

5. Sir Charles “COW” Williams


Estimated worth: $600 million

Sir Charles was knighted in 2000 by the Queen of England for his outstanding contributions to Barbados’ development in construction, dairy farming, horticulture, agriculture and sports. He is a successful entrepreneur and local business mogul. His prowess as a businessman is well recognised both locally and regionally. He is a discerning procurer of real estate. Developments such as Apes Hill Club and the coveted Port St Charles attest to his ability to turn mundane properties into gold mines. He is a perceptive visionary who played a significant role in encouraging Chairman, Mr. Ralph Williams to invest in land in his youth.

Sir Charles Williams has been with Williams Industries from its inception and has provided the company numerous opportunities for sales and substantial growth through a myriad of development projects. He is the founder of C. O. Williams Construction, Barbados’ number one construction and quarrying operation company.

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