Forbes Release 2018 Top 10 Richest Zambians

7. Carl Irwin

Carl Irwin and his family are the brains behind Zambeef products, one of the largest meat companies in Zambia. They have risen from humble beginnings starting from owning just one butchery to growing it into multi-national company. Noteworthy is that the company has been listed in both the London stock exchange as well as the Zambian stock exchange.


6. Mark O’Donnel

This business mogul is an expert in real estate. He owns a number of malls and he also has great interests in the hotel industry with well over seven hotels. He has been able to rise because of his great ability to strategize and get the best out of any deal. He is a very smart business man. Currently, he has been able to partner with Africa’s largest hotel group to bring up another luxurious hotel.

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