Top Richest People in Cyprus and their Net Worth

Suat Günsel (Net worth: $ 1.73 Billion)

Suat Gunsel owns the largest education facility in Northern Cyprus, Near East University, which serves around 20,000 students. The campus, in the capitol city of Nicosia (a.k.a. Lefkosia), occupies a prime piece of his real estate portfolio, which includes holdings in Turkey.

In 2013, Gunsel opened a second university in Girne (University of Kyrenia), on the north coast of Cyprus, focusing on naval and aviation education. An the electric car produced by Near East University will go on the market in 2018; 1,000 units will be produced during the initial rollout. The richest and most powerful citizen of Northern Cyprus, Gunsel also is active in banking, fuel oil distribution and tourism.

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