FORBES UPDATE: Top Most 10 Richest Black South African and their net worth in 2018

2. Cyril Ramaphosa

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Net Worth: R5.67 billion

Cyril Ramaphosa commands great acclaim not only as a wealthy man but also for his reputable roles as a strategist and negotiator. He was part of the great South Africans who strove ceaselessly to ensure South Africa’s era of apartheid was abolished. His contributions as a shrewd negotiator had a hand in the peaceful manner in which apartheid was brought to a halt. Cyril Ramaphosa is a learned man who has received education from a number of universities including the University of South Africa, University of Port Elizabeth, University of Massachusetts, University of the North and few others. With the estimated net worth of R5.67 billion, Cyril Ramaphosa –who serves under Jacob Zuma as South Africa’s Deputy President –is the second richest black man in South Africa.

Tokyo Sexwale Among The Richest Black Men In South Africa

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