FORBES UPDATE: Top Most 10 Richest Black South African and their net worth in 2018

3. Tokyo Sexwale

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Net Worth: R2.14 billion

Tokyo Sexwale is a prominent black South African who has contributed immensely to South Africa’s private and public sectors. In previous times, he served as the Minister of Human Settlements and even a political prisoner. Some people see Tokyo Sexwale as a serious-minded businessman but from a broader perspective, he is regarded as an anti-apartheid activist cum politician. He is one of the South Africans who graduated from University of Swaziland. Also, he received education from other universities including UK-based University of Nottingham and University of Botswana. Currently, he serves in Mvelaphanda Holdings as the non-executive chairman and his net worth hovers around R2.14 billion.

Sipho Nkosi Among The Black Billionaires in South Africa

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