Forbes Update:Top 5 Richest People And Their Net Worth In Angola

Topmost10 seeks to give the top 5 richest People and their net worth in Angola. Angola’s economy is overwhelmingly driven by its oil sector. Oil production and its supporting activities contribute about 50% of GDP, more than 70% of government revenue, and more than 90% of the country’s exports. Diamonds contribute an additional 5% to exports. Subsistence agriculture provides the main livelihood for most of the people, but half of the country’s food is still imported. Increased oil production supported growth averaging more than 17% per year from 2004 to 2008. A postwar reconstruction boom and resettlement of displaced persons has led to high rates of growth in construction and agriculture as well.

5. Helder Vieira Dias – $350 million

General Manuel Hélder Vieira Dias Jr, known by the nickname “Kopelipa“, is director of the National Reconstruction Office, a top governmental position in Angola. He is — along with fellow “top generals” Francisco Higino Carneiro, João Maria de Sousa, Roberto Leal Monteiro, and Kundi Paihama — one of the military leaders holding top ministerial posts for the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola, the political party that has ruled Angola since it gained its independence from Portugal in 1975. The general has been referred to as “the highest and most trusted member of the president’s entourage.

He is one of the Powerful people and the fifth richest People in Angola

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