Forbes Update:Top 5 Richest People And Their Net Worth In Angola

3. Lopo do Nascimento – $750 million


Lopo Fortunato Ferreira do Nascimento (born 10 July 1942) is an Angolan retired politician. He served as the first Prime Minister of Angola from 11 November 1975 to 9 December 1978 and was Secretary-General of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

Nascimento was later Minister of Territorial Administration; after resigning from that post, he was replaced by Paulo Kassoma on 9 April 1992. He was elected as MPLA Secretary-General by the party’s Central Committee in 1993.

He was the 66th candidate on the MPLA’s national list in the September 2008 parliamentary election. He won a seat in that election, in which MPLA won an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly.

He is the third richest person in Angola now.

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