Here are the top 10 most demanding Jobs in Bangladesh 2018

most demanding Jobs in Bangladesh

As we welcome the New Year, we realize just how much the job scenario has changed over the course of the last year. The job market of 2018, both globally and consequently for jobs in Bangladesh will surely reflect how much we continue to rely on technology across all industries and sectors. The definition of career and success is shifting as we adapt to technological innovations and people associate themselves with various new roles at the workplace. While streams of new jobs are created by the rising adoption of technology, not all jobs are techy.
Given our pursuit of success and career goals may vary from person to person, we have gathered a list of the top 10 most in-demand jobs in Bangladesh for 2018. The following top 10 lists are compiled based on promising careers, job openings and in-demand skills which are best suited for jobs in Bangladesh, but it is not ranked in any particular order:

10. Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs may seem similar to part-time jobs however, they differ quite a lot. Freelance jobs in Bangladesh are most often project based. Performance and deadlines are the key factors for freelancing jobs and workers must rely on securing some regular clients. Freelance jobs are available for every industry and every sector but it is not most suitable when considering to establish a career. Only an exceptional few are able to establish a career as a freelancer.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: Low

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