Here are the top 10 most demanding Jobs in Bangladesh 2018

1. Customer Support Jobs

Regardless of the industry, you’re working in or which part of the world you are in, the customer is the king. Due to the boom in technology, every industry, every field and every sector is experiencing rapid growth. Sales are increasing across all platforms and as a result, customer success is all the more important. It’s become very easy to reach new customers globally, but ensuring customer satisfaction is still a challenge. Customer support jobs are not limited to customer care centers; these jobs have become more versatile in the form of chat support, email support, voice & video call support, etc. Here is a great article demonstrating top 5 soft skills you need for customer service jobs.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

During the recent years, Bangladesh has profited from a strong economy that has created several job opportunities across all the different sectors. As we looked over some of the most the most in-demand jobs in Bangladesh for 2018, we encourage you to get more idea of what companies are looking for. While looking for jobs in Bangladesh, consider your skill set, the salary range, career outlook, and companies that provide performance-based incentives. All jobs require some sort of technical skill and in the future of the job market, the competition is tough. Identify your skills and strengths and work to master new skills by taking time out to research & learn them.

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