Here are the top 7 Richest People in Venezuela and their net worth in June 2018

2. Julio Martin Herriera Velutini


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Net worth: $1.6 Billion

Sector: banking

Julio Martín Herrera Velutini, (born December 15, 1971) is an international banker. Julio Herrera Velutini is part of a generation of bankers who were formed in the circle of the Caracas Stock Exchange at the Central Bank of Venezuela in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In late 2009 he founded Bancredito International Bank, Corporation, Bancredito Foundation & Group, Helvetica Financial Group, and many other institutions around the world. He is involved in and has acquired other financial institutions, such as Consultiva International Group, and resides in several others as a member of the board.

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