Here the top 8 expensive smartphones in the World 2018

Smartphones have become the part of daily lives which are helpful in every field, it is saying that every man has the computer in his pocket in shape of android phones, there are all kinds of phones available in market in different colors according to the consumer requirements while all have different specifications which differentiate them with others.

There are many companies which are manufacturing the Smartphones in different regions of world and by their features one can judge the ability of phone that which is the more better than other while with the passage of time technology is growing in speedy way and through these phones consumer can access to every market.

There are different brands of Smartphones in Market which are trying to produce one of the best phones as compare to each other, every company is making their full efforts to introduce new features like finger print, camera quality that can differentiate their product from others and here is the list of top ten most expensive Smartphones in world.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Expensive Phone In The World 2018

10.Vertu Signature Diamond

In the list of top 10 most expensive phones in world, the Vertu Signature Diamond is considered as one of the most expensive and valuable phones in market as it has various exceptional specifications, Vertu is famous for its luxury and quality products in all around the world, this phone was made by hands instead of machines as claimed by company while in 2005 it was introduced, the pretty diamonds are used to decorate it, it has many classifications like Scratch-resistant glass, Removable Li-Ion battery, it is available in different colors and its price is about $ 88,000.

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