10 Jobs in Singapore that can make you a Multi-millionaire in 2018

Finding a job is one of the most annoying things in Singapore now. You might not get employed or even getting a vacancy to apply for is very tough.

Well, No worries.

This is the list of 10 self made jobs that can make you millions per year. Most Singaporeans probably don’t know about these job because from personal experience, I can say I have not heard of any Singaporeans yet into any of these jobs that I’m about to list.

Some of these jobs, you might need a small amount of money to start but others, you can start with no capital at all.


1. Content blogging

Ever heard of blogging? Its a self made business that makes you earn more money than you can think of when done right.

An average blogger earns as much as USD $20,000 per month.

Its not easy to start because you have to do a lot of reading to start blogging. If you are the type who don’t like reading, then this is probably not your field.

Actually, you can start blogging for free but as you get deeper, you will feel the need to invest money.

I have never heard of bloggers since I got here.


2. Freelance Web Designer

Almost everybody wants to start a website of some type but most people lack the skills to make it happen.

You know how to build even simple websites, you can turn that into a full-fledged business. If nothing else, you can prepare simple websites for upstart businesses that have limited budgets.

But as your business grows and your skill level and your client base increases, you can begin doing more complicated websites for higher fees.

Much like freelance writing, freelance web design can be done on a remote basis. That means you can run your business completely from your own home.

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