How To Access WSU Application Status And Prospectus

Have applied to WSU and want to check your application status and prospectus? This is a step by step procedure of how to check your WSU application status and prospectus.

How To Access WSU Application Status And Prospectus

If you are an applicant and looking for how to track your application status with Walter Sisulu University(WSU) then you are at the right place. This post explains in detail and step by step guide as to how all applicants waiting to be admitted to Walter Sisulu University (WSU) would track their application status.

Also, this post would also give an insight into how an applicant can also get their Walter Sisulu University prospectus.

Arguably, Walter Sisulu University can be classified among the best Universities in South Africa.

As its headquarters is located in Mthatha, East London, and was founded in the year 2005, WSU currently has grown from its initial stages to having four campuses to their credits.

How Long Does It Take Before WSU Responds To An Application?

After an application, one would ask when must WSU respond to an applicant. Well according to Walter Sisulu University, all applications go through some stages before approval. So normally an application response would be heard from WSU within a period of six to eight weeks.

How To Access Your WSU Application Status

After a prospective student duly sends in their application, a letter of acknowledgment is received from the WSU.

Below is how an applicant can track their application status with Walter Sisulu University.


Visit WSU student Portal


Kindly get your necessary credentials including STUDENT ID and PIN which would be needed before you can access your application status


Click on the SEARCH button to view your application status

WSU Prospectus

Accessing prospectus is simple as far Walter Sisulu University is concerned. One must first visit the official website of the University via https://www.wsu.ac.za/

On the homepage of the website, scroll your mouse cursor to a menu titled ‘ ‘STUDY WITH US’’ which has a drop-down submenu titled  “APPLICATION GUIDE”.

The ‘’APPLICATION GUIDE also has a submenu then you click on “2022 PROSPECTUS”.