Ranking of the Best International Schools in Jersey 2018

Topmost10 outlines the best 10 International Schools in Jersey 2018.

The States of Jersey provides education through state schools (including a fee-paying option at secondary level) and also supports private schools. The Jersey curriculum generally follows that of England.

  • There are 31 primary schools, of which 22 are non-fee paying, and 17 offer a nursery class.
  • 4 non-fee paying schools offer 11-16 secondary education, along with 2 States fee-paying and 2 independent schools.
  • 6 schools and colleges provide options for post-16 education.

Best International Schools in Jersey

10. De La Salle Catholic College

De La Salle College in Jersey is an independent Roman Catholic school taking its name from St. John Baptist de La Salle (1651–1719), who founded the De La Salle Brothers in France.

Two significant factors have helped ensure that the school has a bright future well into the next century. The first was the introduction of the Covenant Scheme. Begun in the mid-1960s, it led initially to the opening of the swimming pool and gymnasium and then to a period of rapid expansion. The 6th Form Block, Science Building, C.D.T. workshops, Art Rooms and the Computer Room were completed in quick succession. Secondly, in 1976, the States of Jersey agreed to provide the school with generous financial assistance in the form of a capitation grant for running costs.

The 6th Form Block, Science Labs and I.T. facilities, Art Rooms, C.D.T. workshops and Drawing office, a new Infant School, six new classrooms for secondary and a new Junior School were all completed thanks to the help provided through the Covenant Scheme.

A “new age” began in the late 1990s when negotiations began with the States of Jersey for capital funding and the building of 8 new classrooms and a library and resources area began in January 2003.

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