FORBES LIST: Top 10 Richest People in Croatia and their Net worth in 2018

Croatia Richest People and their Net Worth is what is been discussed in this article. What can be more desirable than being the richest man in your country? Being affluent andrich is the wish of every human being but only a few are blessed with all the wealth they desire. But it is not only in the blessings, a lot of hard work and sacrifices go into making a wealthy man.

Though still one of the wealthiest of the former Yugoslav republics, Croatia’s economy suffered badly during the 1991-95 war. The country’s output during that time collapsed, and Croatia missed the early waves of investment in Central and Eastern Europe that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall. Between 2000 and 2007, however, Croatia’s economic fortunes began to improve with moderate but steady GDP growth between 4% and 6%, led by a rebound in tourism and credit-driven consumer spending.

Richest People in Croatia and their Net worth

10. Žarko Kraljević 

Net Worth:73 million

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The owner of the regional Diners for Croatia, Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia increased his fortune by 23 million over last year.

The main reason for such excellent results was an successful transaction: the trade of shares in Generalturist and Budget rent-a-car for Diners shares.

Thanks to good organization and marketing, the Diners revenues continue to climb. Zagrebačka Bank is his reliable partner.


9. Pavo Zubak

Net worth: 74 million

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Last year, Pavo Zubak showed his entrepreneurial maturity and withdrew from the managing position of his company Auto Zubak, instead taking on the role of president of the supervisory board.

He also celebrated his 25th anniversary in the business and announced the coming of a new age for his company, appointing 32 year old Tomislav Radoš as his successor. He united his five companies which sell, service and offer all other auto services. He continued to expand his operations, once again confirming how he unnecessarily participated in the affair surrounding Večernji List.

His fortune grows continually through the successful company PZ Auto, which is the main distributor for Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, Seat and Porsche. Zubak is 50% owner of that company. This year, he decided to leave the hotel business by selling off his hotel in Umag.

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