Update on SA Celebrities in Illuminati

Whether you believe the Illuminati is real or not, talk of SA celebrities joining the not so secret society has got their followers accusing them of devil worship.

Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, are apparently the Illuminati’s biggest membership card carriers.

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and even the dearly departed, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, have been accused of being members.

What is the Illuminati? Apparently, it is an all-knowing, all-powerful group that gives celebs super fame, money and power so that they can corrupt our innocent souls – ultimately leading to masses burning in the pits of hell!

Other conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati, which allegedly have prominent world leaders in its pocket, want to control planet earth by seeking a “New World Order” and rule under a totalitarian world government.

But for celebrities, you can’t be a huge star these days without the help of the Illuminati – according to believers anyway.

South African celebrities are not immune to the curse (or some would say blessings) of the Illuminati.

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