Top 10 Philippines Highest paying jobs for Fresh University graduates 2017

Here are the top 10 Philippines highest paying jobs for fresh university graduates and which schools companies hire from the most.

Fresh graduates working in law, healthcare-related industries, and journalism are the highest paid, according to Jobstreet’s 2017 Fresh Graduates Report.

Jobstreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca presented the report to the press on Wednesday, March 15.

The report was based on the unique jobs published on Jobstreet from September to December 2016 and on a survey sent out to employers on fresh graduate hiring preferences. The survey had a total of 644 respondents.

The following are the Philippines highest paying jobs for fresh university graduates, according to the report, based on the average salaries given:

10. Advertising/media planning – P19,960

9. Public relations – P20,055

8. Banking/financial services – P20,092

7. Training and development – P20,838

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