Top 10 Shocking South Africa Celebrities Breakups ever

This article seeks to give top 10 shocking SA celebrities breakups that left us wandering. Celebrities like dating fellow famous people because it is just easier, they say. They understand each other’s lifestyle and are less likely to judge. Our question is then, how come celebrities have some of the nastiest and ugliest break-ups ever? Is it the money or is it ego? Check out our top 10 shocking South Africa celebrities breakups.

Shocking South Africa Celebrities Breakups ever

10. Amanda Du Pont & Cassper Nyovest

The couple was everywhere when they were dating but expectedly it didn’t last long with Cassper announcing it at an Awards ceremony saying, ‘Even Amanda wasn’t tailored for me’.



9. Poppy Ntshongwana & Sizwe Dhlomo

We were not sure if the radio hosts were an item until after they broke up. To sum up how bad the break up was, Poppy says she’s glad it’s over.

8. Bonang & D’banj

Bonang and D’banj had quickly become Africa’s most loved young couple until it all went down South. All we know is Caasper hung out with D’banj in Nigeria and the next thing D’banj was done with Queen B. It became a trending topic on social media least to say it was pretty ugly.

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