Top 10 Cheapest international schools in Dubai 2018

In fact, the price of education can lead families with children to pack up and move home. But a new study shows that the range in price between Dubai international schools is vast, with the cheapest English-language international school in the emirate more than Dhs103,000 cheaper than the most expensive one.

Sure, not all of these private schools teach in an English-language curriculum, but there are cheaper English options out there – for Dhs5,287 per annum a student can complete their final year of school – Year 12 – at Emirates English Speaking School.

least expensive international schools in Dubai

*Note: These schools are taught in a range of languages, but predominantly in English (and the prices are just estimates)

(Based on fees for Grade 12/Year 13. Stats from Edarabia, based on KHDA data)

10. Crescent School Dubai, Al Qusais


Fees (per annum): Dhs8,994

Curriculum: CBSE (primarily English language)

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