Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Kuwait

Kuwait exudes the charm of Arabian adventure, and therefore, the travelers find plenty of things to do in Kuwait. Apart from enjoying magnificent accommodation and fine dining, there are plenty of things for visitors to do in Kuwait.

Here are the 10 most beautiful destinations to visit in Kuwait.



This beautiful island has only soldiers as its permanent residents, as it was once left devastated by the Gulf War. However, the visitors get to view the ruins from settlements of the Bronze Age Dilmuns and Hellenistic Greeks, who left many treasures from which, their past could be reconstructed.
The Greeks have lived in this island for two centuries from 4th century BC. Failaka, is also the home of Kuwaiti’s main archaeological site, and is worth a visit. A temple is considered as the centerpiece of this island. Failaka is located about 20kms north-east of Kuwait City’s center, and is about twelve kilometers in length, six kilometers in width and is very flat.



The Museum, location in close proximity to the National Assemble, comprises four buildings and a planetarium. Though, stripped and burnt by the Iraqi invaders, it houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, the most comprehensive collections in the world. The other buildings displays pearl-diving relics, archaeological material from excavations on Failaka Islands, ethnographic artifacts etc. The Museum also consists of the Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah (DAI), a wide collection of Islamic art, ranging from early Islam to the eighteenth century. A variety of artistic and scholarly activities revolve around this collection. A reference library, with various publications of Hadeeth ad-Dar maintains a close link with the DAI, to give viewers a better knowledge of the artifacts.



The Seif Palace is popular among local and overseas visitors as the home of the royal family. Nevertheless, they might be surprised to find out that this palace does not get much used by the Monarch and the government. While it is true that this palace is designated to the Emir dynasty, the household personally chose to stay in Bayan Palace which is known as the official house of the Emir and this is also the place where the monarch would entertain his dignitaries. Therefore, the Seif palace only serves as the court if there are special celebrations and events, or if the Bayan Palace is not available. However, thousands of travelers every year go to see this fine building.



The Kuwait Musical Fountain is one of the one of the most popular tourist spots in Kuwait. The musical fountain plays a pivotal role in enhancing the tourism of Kuwait. It is situated on the first ring road in Kuwait city, and is easily accessible by the tourist from any parts of the city. The musical fountain is very adjacent to the ice skating rink. The rink is somewhat bigger; there is also a smaller one, which can be used by the women and kids. The musical fountain got damaged badly during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. The fountain was later repaired and its beauty was restored. It is located in the green belt area of the country. On 3 pools, there are 220 fountains. Some of the other excitements at the fountain are the children games and the exhilarating restaurant. In synchronization to the Kuwait music tunes, the water fountain dances and accordingly the colorful lights gets changed, thereby offering a spectacular sight for the visitors.



Green Island is a popular tourist spot in Kuwait city. It is the first artificial island that was created in the Gulf region. The island encompasses a total area of 785,000m² measuring about 1.5km in circumference and 3.14 km in diameter. A 134 m long access path connects this artificial island to the main land.
There are a wide range of entertainment amenities which you can enjoy

Artificial lake:
Chill out by swimming in the secure artificial lake that is filled with water from the Gulf
There is an Amphitheatre which can accommodate 700 spectators at a time. You can give a real treat to your eyes by watching the watch and enjoy colorful dancing, music and other events at this theatre.
Get a panoramic view of the green island as well as the Kuwait city by watching from 35 m tall tower.
Kid’s castle:
Your little ones can spend quality time at the “Kids Castle “enjoying the water trenches, artificial waterfalls, and the swings.
Restaurants and cafes:
Tickle your taste buds by tasting the sumptuous Arabic cuisine and other foods at the delicious restaurants and cafes.
Numerous sports and other entertainments activities are conducted which you can witness and enjoy.



Since its establishments 10 years ago, Kuwait zoo is one of the most entertaining places in Kuwait. Animals in the zoo are gathered from all over the world. Never miss your chance to visit Kuwait Zoo during your stay.
The zoo is located in Omariya on the Airport Road.



It represents Kuwaiti liberation, the sure sign of the country’s resurgence. It is one of tallest telecommunication towers in the world. The tower is 372 meters in height, and is 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.
The tower was named after the nation was liberated from the multinational coalition which happened due to seven months of Iraqi occupation during the Gulf War. The structure has been built by use of ceramic tiles on the façade from the base to the first mezzanine level, which is 308 meters above ground level. The tower and telecommunication complex is divided into three; a public communications center, a restaurant at 150 meters and the revolving observation level, and the plant and equipment structure. The tower has eighteen elevators, which are also the fastest in the world, operating at the speed of 6.3meters per second.



You will never forget the magnificent view for Kuwait City from Kuwait Towers. It has a special panoramic view for all the City. In 1980, Kuwait Towers won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, which is one of the most prestigious awards. The towers are distinguished by their panoramic view that revolves 360 degree. They, also, have huge tanks, which can store millions of gallons of water. Kuwait Towers are located at the Arabian Gulf Avenue, in Al-Sharq district.



Al Kout beach is a renowned beach in Kuwait. It is a pleasant and dirt-free beach that serves as an exceptional place for you picnic, meeting your old buddies, and playing beach volley ball. You can admire the wonderful sunset at this beach. You can take a leisurely stroll admiring the fine sand and the intense blue water. The breakwater is renowned for taking photo snaps. Some of the other activities you can indulge in are jogging; tasting the delicious foods at the wayside food joints or do some shopping at the Al Kout mall located across the beach.



The Kuwait Municipal Gardens are one of the significant tourist spots in Kuwait. The Kuwait Municipality preserves these gardens. The most famous garden being the one located in Fahd Al Salem Street. Your Kuwait tour remains incomplete unless you take a trip to the Municipal gardens. You will find these gardens well adorned and maintained with good shaded areas. You can simply relax in the midst of Mother Nature and enjoy the beauty of sunset. You will find a majority of the Kuwait Municipal gardens have entertainment parks as well as children’s park. You and your little ones can spend quality time in these beautiful parks. The Government of Kuwait was successful in its endeavor to convert this arid region with verdant green parks.