Top 7 Islands in Kuwait

There are nine islands off the mainland coast which fall under the jurisdictions of Kuwait And here are the Top 7


The island of Failaka which is pronounced ‘Failacha’ in the local dialect, is the most beautiful and most known of Kuwait’s island. It combines the ancient history of Kuwait, dating back to the early Stone Age, and the modern history of Kuwait when the ‘Utubs’ settled in after their long journey, prior to their settlement on Kuwait’s mainland in the late seventeenth century.
The island of Failaka lies 20km north east of Kuwait. It is 12 km long, 6 km wide and is flat, apart from a small hill thirty feet high in the extreme western part, which contained ‘Al Khader’ shrine.
The island is linked to Kuwait city by a submarine pipeline, 21 km long, that provides its 6000 inhabitants with more than 100 million gallons of sweet water every year.

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