Top 7 Best Islands in Kuwait

Have you ever sought for the top best Island in Kuwait to explore? Top Most 10 has compiled the top 7 best islands in Kuwait for explorations.

Here are the top 7 Best Islands in Kuwait


Top 7 Best Islands in Kuwait

The island of Failaka which is pronounced ‘Failacha’ in the local dialect, is the most beautiful and most known of Kuwait’s island. It combines the ancient history of Kuwait, dating back to the early Stone Age, and the modern history of Kuwait when the ‘Utubs’ settled in after their long journey, prior to their settlement on Kuwait’s mainland in the late seventeenth century.
The island of Failaka lies 20km north east of Kuwait. It is 12 km long, 6 km wide and is flat, apart from a small hill thirty feet high in the extreme western part, which contained ‘Al Khader’ shrine.
The island is linked to Kuwait city by a submarine pipeline, 21 km long, that provides its 6000 inhabitants with more than 100 million gallons of sweet water every year.



Located in the north-east of the Arabian Gulf, it is the largest island in area (863 square kilometres) and is linked to the mainland by a metal concrete bridge. Kuwait’s cabinet recently approved a project to build a seaport on the island of Bubyan, near the Iraqi border, as part of efforts to expand its economy. The port on the country’s largest island would “enhance the role of Kuwait’s ports in international transportation” and satisfy the needs of economic openness. Kuwait whose economy is dominated by oil revenues, hopes to become a commercial and financial centre in the region. Kuwait has four major ports on its gulf coast. Bubyan would be the first port on an island.



Kubbar is a sandy island of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf, covered with shrub. It is located roughly 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait and 29 kilometres off the coast of Failaka.



Qaruh Island is an island belonging to the state of Kuwait, which received its name from the large amounts of petroleum sediments in the area. It is the smallest of the nine islands, and also the furthest island from the Kuwaiti mainland



Miskan Island is a small, uninhabited island in the Persian Gulf off Kuwait. It is to the south of Bubiyan Island. It is about 1.2 kilometers long and 800 meters wide.



Um Al-Namel, in English “The mother of Ants” is a Kuwaiti Island, and as the other Kuwaiti Island it follows the Al-Asimah Governorate. It is also known as the “Big/Great Island” -“Ouda” in Arabic- to distinguish it from “Akaaz Island”
or known as Shuwaikh Island which is very close to it.
It is claimed that the Island is crowded with ants during Summer time, but vanish during Winter. That was the mystery that made the Island to be named The Mother of Ants.
The Island is located in Kuwait’s Bay to the west of Kuwait City. The furthest
distance between it and the main land would be about 2km, while the shortest distance would be 600m between the Island and Ashairej ( or Doha ) peninsula.



Located at the north extremity of the Gulf, it occupies an area of 37 square kilometres to the submarine water pipeline there are three submarine power cable from Kuwait city providing electrical energy to the island.
The island of Failaka is of special interest to Kuwaitis. Apart from its historical importance as a land of relics and ancient civilizations, it has become a modern tourist attraction, keeping abreast with all aspects of modern progress. Everyday visitors are carried from the mainland at Ras Al Ardh (Salmiya) to the island by ferry boats to relax and swim in its clear waters.