Top 10 Most Beautiful Destinations in Kuwait


Green Island is a popular tourist spot in Kuwait city. It is the first artificial island that was created in the Gulf region. The island encompasses a total area of 785,000m² measuring about 1.5km in circumference and 3.14 km in diameter. A 134 m long access path connects this artificial island to the main land.
There are a wide range of entertainment amenities which you can enjoy

Artificial lake:
Chill out by swimming in the secure artificial lake that is filled with water from the Gulf
There is an Amphitheatre which can accommodate 700 spectators at a time. You can give a real treat to your eyes by watching the watch and enjoy colorful dancing, music and other events at this theatre.
Get a panoramic view of the green island as well as the Kuwait city by watching from 35 m tall tower.
Kid’s castle:
Your little ones can spend quality time at the “Kids Castle “enjoying the water trenches, artificial waterfalls, and the swings.
Restaurants and cafes:
Tickle your taste buds by tasting the sumptuous Arabic cuisine and other foods at the delicious restaurants and cafes.
Numerous sports and other entertainments activities are conducted which you can witness and enjoy.

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