Top 10 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Puerto Rico 2018

9. Universal Technology College of Puerto Rico

Aguadilla, PR

At the end of the day, most college students are just looking for an education that will lead to a good job and a steady income. For practical students, the Universal Technology College of Puerto Rico, or simply “UniTec,” is one of the best colleges in Puerto Rico and an expert in career training. Most notably, the administration recognizes that the economy is constantly changing and that “learning is not static”; as such, courses regularly evolve to keep pace with the needs of both the regional and global community.


Academic programs focus on health, industrial technology, and business, and the curriculum emphasizes real-world applications – an approach that has earned UniTec a strong 68% graduation rate (the second highest on the island)!

Net Price: $4,742
Score: 112.14

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