Top 10 Companies That Filipinos Are Dying To Work For

2. Nestle Philippines

Nestle Philippines was able to remain in the number two spot in 2016. The company offers exceptional health benefits that extend to employees’ family members, along with competitive pay and a desirable work environment.

The study also revealed that Nestle provides employees with opportunities for career advancement, which is another huge motivational factor for many Filipino workers.

1. San Miguel Corporation

According to Jobstreet.com’s study, the Filipino-owned business San Miguel Corporation (SMC), topped the list of the most desired companies by Filipino workers for the third straight year. SMC is the Philippines’ largest food, beverage, and packaging company that employs over 15,000 people in Southeast Asia.

SMC boasts being one of the most diversified conglomerates in the region, with a huge portfolio of high performing businesses, brands, and products. The company is guided by its core values of integrity, passion for success, teamwork, innovation, respect, and social responsibility. SMC’s core values, along with great pay and benefits, make it one of the most sought after places of employment for Filipinos

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