Here are the top 10 highest paid jobs in Dubai 2018

9. Sales Vice President

1080000 £239,650

A VP of Sales is usually a very experienced and excellent salesman. First and foremost they are in charge of delivering revenue. This could be defined as cash, growth, market share or profits. Whatever it is they need to deliver on key metrics to show that they are doing their jobs and helping the company achieve its objectives.

They plan and direct sales strategies to decide which markets to expand into and how much money they should invest in resources. They also supervise sales managers to ensure that sales and product development strategies are being implemented properly.


8. Chief Financial Officer

1080000 AED (£239,787)

The person in charge of every financial activity in a company deserves to be paid well. Your senior accountant can cause havoc if you don’t compensate them appropriately. Every CFO should be extremely good with numbers, so a degree in Economics, numbers and maths or statistics is a must.

Organisational skills and attention to detail are also very important if you want your finances to be as accurate as possible.

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